Kids Musical Yoga introduces yoga to young children, ages one to four.

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Kids Musical Yoga Soundtrack

Fairy Princess Andreanna, her musical helper Talon, and the yoga kid-stars sing the songs of their magical journeys, including songs from both "Let's Go to the Jungle" and
"Let's Go to the Ocean."
Plus, 2 Bonus Tracks!

Kids Musical Yoga -

Join Fairy Princess Andreanna and her helper on a magical journey to the JUNGLE. Young Children everywhere will soon be moving like a snake, growing like a tree or flying like a butterfly while they sing catchy, original tunes.

Kids Musical Yoga -

Join Fairy Princess Andreanna and her helper on a magical journey to the OCEAN. Young Children everywhere will soon be moving like a fish, floating like a boat or hiding like a turtle while they sing catchy, original tunes.

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Why are children natural and spontaneous yogis?

yoga kidFrom their first breath, they inhale with all of their belly and diaphragms. Their bodies are limber, but with growth, children go through a tremendous physical, psychological and social transformation. As their bodies rapidly change in sometimes asymmetric ways, and as they are introduced to environments of prolonged sitting and slouching, they lose their natural, intuitive connection to their bodies. Children also find themselves less limber.

Early learning is so important as it sets a pattern thru which children will later interact with their world. In songs like “Take a Deep Breathe In“, or even our warm-up routine, we introduce the fundamental concepts of breathing and stretching in a way that is both fun and teaches the importance of being fully present in their bodies.

About Us

Kids Musical Yoga was one of the FIRST yoga programs for the YOUNG CHILD, ages 1-4!! We are celebrating over 8 years of magical journey and have reached children all over the world! The program specifically focuses on movement, music and imagination to help enrich each child’s mind, balance energy levels, and reinforce their naturally dynamic and expressive spirits!

As parents ourselves, we understand the great challenges of raising a child in today’s diverse world. We were inspired to create Kids Musical Yoga to give parents such as ourselves another mode of important teaching and playing that will help prepare our little ones for their incredible and magical journeys in life.